European countries have a high popularity in the entire world. The European states are also well-known as sovereign states. Canada is one of them. If some want to settle in a well-organized country, then Canada can be on your list.

Canada is a sovereign state which has several highly profitable companies and industries. It means that the job opportunities are countless in this state. Canada also has many educational institutes which provide world-class educational services. This country is the best general topic of immigration’s choice.

Canada has introduced several valuable immigration programs to provide better traveling to new international visitors. The migration sector has updated the policies to make traveling better. The best four plans for travel around Canada are as follows.

  • Express Migration Plan or Fastest Way to Migrate
  • Provincial Nominal Migration Plan
  • International Student
  • Atlantic Migration Pilot Program

The best plans are discussed below.

Express Entry Migration Plan

This migration program is designed in a way that permits the candidates to enter and reside in the country permanently. This program makes the selection according to age, qualification, experience, skills, talents, language understandings, and nationality. The selected workers or candidates are also allowed to transport their families, friends to Canada. It is the fastest way to get a Canadian visa permit and go to the country.

The other economic programs are as follows.

  • Civic Skilled & Qualified Worker Migration Plan
  • The FSTP (Federal/National Skilled Traders Plan)
  • The Canadian Experience Class Program

LMIA work visa document is also an excellent way to move to Canada permanently. This program is beneficial and involved, but it can support only permanent Canadian peoples.

Provincial Nominal Migration Plan

Every province of Canada has introduced its migration program, which is well-known as a provincial Nominal Program or PNP. These provinces announce the demand for new workers every year. Specific persons are selected to travel around the country and get Canadian citizenship.

International Students

The candidates can get Canadian citizenship by applying for a study visa permit. Canada receives billions of international visitors as students. The reason is that Canadian schools, colleges, and other high-level institutions provide affordable tuition, moral ethics, positive behavior, and the most important thing is cooperation and support. Mostly international students apply for study visa first, and then they ask for Canadian citizenship.

Atlantic Migration Pilot Program

This immigration program has helped a lot for Canadian migration department. This program was introduced in 2017.

According to the plan, different Canadian regions invite more workers from outside. It is designed to bring more and more qualified and skilled workers to Canada. The primary requirement for this plan is to get a job invitation first from Canada.


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