Meta Description: Many students find it hard to write an illustration essay, you can follow these simple 5 tips to write this essay. Also, example topics are provided for the same.

What is an Illustration Essay?

Illustration Essay is used to present a vivid picture to the reader. This is done to help the readers generate an image in their mind and visualize the concept or scene you are talking about. This essay is a type of informative writing that presents the readers with an idea or concept and proves its point. Usually, this type of essay is used to define an issue and its existence.

The writer uses several examples, data, statistics, etc. in order to prove his or her point. This essay can be used to describe issues about sports, work, career, academics, etc. However, the writer can select the topic according to their interests. If you are writing an essay, you need to make sure to cover the topic within the specified length. If you are not given a specific length, then you should know how to decide the length of an essay.


How to Write an Illustration Essay?

If you don’t have an idea about this type of essay and how it is written, then you can use these steps mentioned below to write an effective essay.

  1. Suitable Topic Selection – There can be many topics relating to different categories. You can choose the topic according to your wishes. If you don’t have a title assigned, then you can search online for topics on which essay can be written. You can choose a topic from the list of illustration essay example topics provided below. Other than searching for the topic online, you can also use a topic that you think should be discussed. It could be a social, religious, educational or any other issue. Think about its main subject and prepare the essay accordingly.


  1. Adequate Research – Once the topic is selected, you need to research on it. An illustration essay is based more on research work rather than analysis. Even if you are well aware of the topic, you still need to conduct adequate research. Supporting facts are required to validate the story and idea you are presenting in your essay. Hence, it is important to add necessary statistics or informational data that proves your argument right. This type of essay is given to students to build their researching skills. However, most of the students find it difficult and are not able to write a good essay. In this case, students can take Assignment Help Melbourne for completing their essays with necessary guidance.


  1. Frame an Outline – Framing an outline is a better practice to follow. Framing an outline for an essay gives you the benefit of an organization. If you have an outline for the essay, then it will be easier for you to organize the essay and maintain the flow of content. If an outline is created beforehand, then adding or deleting facts/ sentences/stories, etc. can be easy. On the contrary, if you write the essay directly making changes in the essay would be difficult. Hence, it is always a better idea to create a rough outline.


  1. Write the Essay – Now that you have an outline prepared, you can start writing the essay. A general essay includes three things they are – introduction, body, and conclusion. While preparing the outline, you must specify the points you will include in these three sections respectively. You can start your introduction with a question, quote, personal anecdote, fact, etc. Then, explain the background and main theme in the body. Finally, sum up your discussion or argument in the conclusion.


  1. Recheck – This is the last step you should do after writing any type of academic paper. Rechecking is significant as humans tend to make errors. However, these errors are overlooked while writing. If you do not check your essay after it is written, then it is possible to lose marks due to spelling, contextual or grammatical mistakes. Therefore, proofreading and rechecking the essay or any other academic paper is a good practice to adopt. Also, it is an aspect of a good writer.


Following these steps will help you in drafting an excellent illustration essay. You just need to work on your skills to master essay writing techniques. However, one cannot become an expert overnight. Also, as described earlier, this essay is presented in such a way that the audience visualizes a writer’s content and understands the point of view he or she is trying to explain.

Generally, it is difficult for some writers to present a vocal example or provide a big picture to their readers. In this case, the writer can work hard to improve their skills and practice them. Otherwise, one can also take help from their teacher or classmates, it will help in improving the relationship with the teacher and also among the students.


Illustration Essay Examples

Here are some of the example topics for students, you can use these topics for your practice and draft an excellent illustration essay.

  • Importance of being a team player in sports
  • How is dancing in school different from cheerleading in college?
  • Is hockey underestimated?
  • Merits and demerits of college hostels
  • Better and effective methods for studying
  • Campus life in your college
  • Stay connected with your family while studying abroad
  • Is AI the future of modern technology
  • How to become a data scientist?
  • Methods to use for water conservation


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