Web design is the construction of website; the term is fairly broad but describes the way that content is presented is presented online. This content is usually text and image based at its most basic level.

Here are 5 things to consider so that your website is effective and delivers the correct messages you want to project.

1. User friendly

The potential visitors to your site are the most important element to consider when designing your website.
The website should be easy to navigate and have a good user interface. If the content is difficult to access then the visitor won’t want to stay to long on your site.

2. Relevant content.

The content of your website is the reason that people will visit your site.
You need to provide good quality content that accurately reflects your message.
There is a limited amount of time that somebody will stay on your site so the maximum amount of information needs to available.
From landing on your home page the visitor should easily be able to tell what the sites about and obtain information about the company.

3. Embrace web standards.

Web standards are set of practices and standards followed to.
This includes using valid mark-up code (HTML, CSS and Javascript mainly).
The use of cleanly marked up code helps your site to load faster and also makes it easier for search engine spiders to crawl through your site. Images cannot be read and need an alt tag to describe them.
Every web page should have a tag in the head of the page.
Accessibility is also an issue and consideration for visually impaired or even blind people. The use of em allows the text to be scalable.

4. Search engine optimization.

Once you have created a site you need to help make it become viewable.
By following various search engine optimization techniques you can actively help to create traffic for your site.

Use unique content on every page and add titles to every page. By following web standards techniques you can help yourself to create search engine friendly content.
When developing a site you can make it search engine friendly changing the code and content.

5. Aesthetically pleasing.

Last of all for a great web design the site needs to look good, often it is a case of form vs. function. webdesignmash.com. The site needs to have an easy to use navigation system and have easily accessible information. The website should give a feeling of the company if made correctly.
Cluttered chaotic designs often don’t project the correct image for the company.
Elegant designs often install an element of trust in the visitor, combine this with good content and easy navigation and your onto a winner. The objective is to create a functional and effective product.


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