You must be familiar with market terms. A place where sellers and buyers meet and carry out exchange or buying and selling activities. To maximize sales, you need to do a market analysis to determine the right marketing strategy. The results obtained from market analysis in the form of information about the industry, customers, competitors, and other market variables. Information is collected and evaluated to make business decisions and strategies.


In conducting market analysis there are several dimensions that can be analyzed. These dimensions will help you understand the market and business industry:

Market Size

Market size is a key factor in conducting market analysis. The dimensions of this market analysis can be measured based on current sales and potential sales. To measure the market there are several sources of information that can be used, namely government data, trade association data, financial data of major players and customer surveys.

In an analysis of market size, usually the bigger the market, the more competitors you have. To overcome this, try to make your product stand out from the rest. Also consider the price you give, not too high or too low. If it is too high, it is not impossible for your customers to move to competitors. But if it is too low, consumers will assume that your product is of poor quality.

Market Growth Rate

By researching this in market analysis, you will find out how growth and how long your market will last. This dimension will also give you to consider before investing. If the market grows then you can invest more in it.

To get this information, a simple way that you can do is to predict future possibilities using past data. However, this method does not predict important points in more detail. A better way is to study the factors that drive business growth such as demographic information, sales growth and so on.

Market Trends

In an age when the needs and desires of consumers change very quickly, market trends become an important part that must be included in market analysis. Consumers tend to get bored easily and want to change with other products. If you want to get the hearts of consumers then you must know the current trends to keep up with their changing desires.

Knowing what trends are developing in the market will help you determine what products should be sold. To get this information you need to find out about what customers like. It also saw how much they wanted to spend, as well as other trends that could attract their attention, and so on.

Market Profitability

Business is built of course with the aim of making a profit. Therefore, before selling a product, you should analyze market profitability. If the market has good profitability then you can invest more there. But if what happens is the opposite, then it’s better to undo investing because it will only waste your capital and time. There are five things that affect market profitability, including the strength of buyers, the strength of suppliers, barriers to entry, the threat of substitute production and competition between companies in the industry.

Key Success Factors

The key success factor is the element needed for the seller to reach his marketing goals. These factors include access to distribution channels, access to unique and important resources, efficient use of resources, the ability to reach economies of scale and progress in using adopted technology.

Distribution channel

Distribution channels are important things to consider when conducting market analysis. You need to assess how well and smooth the channel so that it will not hamper distribution and not make you lose or incur more costs. There are several channels that you need to pay attention to, including existing channels, new or trend-following channels, and intermediary channels.

Industry Cost Structure

The industry cost structure will look at how much it costs for production, marketing, and distribution activities. With market analysis, you can estimate these costs. So you can also find solutions to reduce these costs and generate greater profits. Or in other words, researching the industry cost structure will create your business development strategy.

Those are some dimensions that need to be analyzed when you do a market analysis to find out about your business industry. After analyzing these dimensions, it is hoped that you will be able to map out the market conditions that will be addressed. When you have solved this initial problem, then you can move to the next level. Namely, management that aims to maintain success.


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