Canada has a good ranking for education as well as employment matters. As, it has many top-rated high schools, postgraduate institutes, and universities for higher education. These institutes are provided with qualified and experienced teaching staff, which is the best quality in Canada. Canadian home affairs department offers many opportunities for international students to make a better setup for their careers. Education in a foreign country such as Canada is expensive. It is vital to do a job to get extra cash. Most people give thumbs up for study in Canada because this state provides a research-based learning system. Thousands of international students visit this country for study basis. So, the Canadian authority offers an advantage to contribute your skills and talents while you are studying. There are some specific and essential things that you must know.

With Campus

The foreign students having a legal student visa document, they can join any company, firm, or an industry without any work permit. But some conditions must be fulfilled.


  • Provide the institutional details where you are studying
  • The school or college must be registered and is funded by the Canadian government
  • A graduate school which is being funded as 50% by the Canadian government.
  • Educational institute, which is getting grants, providing the degree certificates under the Canadian provincial law.

Work off-Campus

The students having a legal study permit can do a job 20 hours a week. Work in case of off-campus, the candidates must meet the following requirements.


  • Candidate must have a valid study permit offered by Canadian Authority.
  • He must be a permanent student in a designated learning institute.
  • He must be started his study course.
  • The candidate must be learning the course which results in a degree or a valid certificate.
  • The course must have a duration of six months.
  • The student should also have a social insurance number.

As an Internee

To join a company, firm, or an industry, the candidate must provide a permission letter or confirmation letter or directly his transcript detail certificate. This letter will confirm that you have completed your study course.

There are some other documents which are essential to provide.


  • A student permit
  • Acknowledge the management that the working or internship is the primary requirement for my degree completion.
  • The percentage of this requirement must be 50% or less than of your study course.

After Study

Canada is an excellent state in Europe. Employers and companies prefer Canadian degrees, diplomas, and certificates. The graduate students are more preferred for an internship as well as for fulltime job. Canada has thousands of the biggest companies which offer valuable vacancies every year.

Well, some essential things must be fulfilled.


  • The candidate must be 18 years old or adult.
  • He must be a fulltime student in a Canadian educational institute.
  • A study course transcript certificate provided by Canadian institute
  • The candidate must submit a request for a work permit within three months or 90 days after completion of the study course.
  • You must have your legal study permit when you apply for a valid work or employment visa document.


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