Gable boxes enhance the physical appearance of the invitation, proves to be a sweet invitation, increases the social appearance and are also proven to be eco-friendly.



Weddings are supposed to reflect the image of happiness and contentment. The reason behind them to resonate pleasure is because they are one of the most important days of any person’s life. It is a symbol of vow and the basis of love to your partner. Building a home always starts with choosing the right partner for lifetime and thus, it is celebrated in the form of wedding.

From the lightening to the decorations of flowers, everything needs to be perfect. It is important for the hosts to deliver food on the wedding ceremony to make sure that the guests enjoy fully and do not go home with and empty stomach. From the distribution of food to putting the food on the table, every step is as important as any other thing on a wedding ritual.


The specific type of containers which are used in the packaging of sweets for the delivery of it in the wedding ceremonies are the gable boxes. It is a type of container which is used as party favor and is made out of cardboard material. The common gable packaging have a square base and the triangular tops which are used as the holders for handling the box. These boxes mimic the shape of a house which is bounded by a pitch rooftop.

The customized favor boxes are the best way to invite people over to your wedding. It is not only an innovative and a unique idea for the invitations, but it also is one of the catchiest ways to make sure that you get remembered for a long time.


Stand out physical appearance

You can bet on the fact that your guests will never see it coming, this kind of invitations will enhance the physical appearance of your invitation. The reason why these must be used is to make sure that the people remember you for longer periods of times. Everyone looks for ideas which makes them stand out on their wedding ceremony and this is the first step of doing so.

A ‘sweet’ invitation

It is not the invitation which is sweet, it is the items in your invitation. This is another reason why these boxes are gaining popularity these days. The giving away of sweets and chocolates while inviting people over for your wedding is one way to ensure that they will definitely come. This will make sure that the people who are over your wedding will remember the fabulous idea that you came up with while inviting them over.


Social appearance

The social appearance of an invitation is the most important reason why the hosts have to come up with different ideas to stand out from the rest of the crowd. This boxing idea will make sure that social appearance of your invitation is not only elevated, but noticed too.


Eco friendly

The reason why this casing style is a good way to invite people over is because of the ecofriendly qualities of these packaging. These always have a ‘recyclable’ tag or logo under it which makes sure of the fact that they are not to be thrown into regular trash cans. These can be manufactured again by the use of old gable and favor boxes.

Moreover, these boxes also decompose naturally thus preventing pollution too which makes them eco-friendly.


Customized favor invitation boxes

One of the most important reasons to use these boxes is because of the ways that they can be customized in. There are several ways of customizing these packaging to make sure that they are one of a kind packaging style along with the invitation.

You can customize these boxes online by the use of templates. The name of the couple getting married can be imprinted on these packaging along with the spaces to fill out the names of the people who are invited over, mini cards attached with the boxes will do that deed. There are a number of colors to choose from, the material that should be used and the graphical texture on these invitations.

Moreover, the size of these cases can also be altered according to your own choosing. The use of large gable boxes is trending these days for particular guests. These particular guests maybe your close friends, relatives or people from your work place and it is understandable if anyone wants to give these large boxes to their loved ones in order to make them feel special while inviting them over too.


Therefore, the use of combination of gable and favor boxes is one of the best ways to make the guests feel special while inviting them and it is one of the finest ways to make sure your invitation stands out.








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