Investment in commercial properties have the potential to cater investors with higher net yields and profitable capital growth; both in a hassle-free way. This is a major draw for an investor but there’re however some facts worth asking to ensure you proceed with a secure investment and quality.

The sustained demand

While demand is one thing, sustained demand is totally different as investment in a commercial real estate means you’re targeting tenancy on demographic-basis. It helps in evaluating the demands rather openly for instance with student housing;only a few cities or countries offer such projects keeping the demand high for many years unless subsidised by an alternative.

A high saturation and large number of new developments would raise the demand to a certain percentage in forthcoming days. This remains a crucial aspect of development as higher sustained demand would ensure long-term, attractive investment while maintaining yields. You’ll also have a clear and convenient exit strategy as well as improved capital growth potential.

A good location

Location is a key component for almost every real estate investment including commercial properties but rules are slightly different. For example; a metropolis known best for its residential real estate market mightn’t be so optimistic for other features like student dorms, car parking, self-storage or various commercial resources.

A comprehensive due diligence must be exercised to determine the level of occupancy and profitability. Besides selecting a suitable city for investment, ensure primary development site, neighbourhood, facilities, amenities and overall surrounding that would lay a certain impact on overall investment and decision.

Sensible guarantees

With a secure property comes the consideration of guaranteed income period to ensure it makes sense. Hold comparison with other properties over rental demands; assess the demand in a specific location and make sure the safety factor isn’t compromised.

A trusted developer

Besides just the good location, substandard developers displaying inexperience in their trade would only result in limited profit that’d eventually drop below the line. The revenue potential in commercial real estate has attracted a lot of new developers that may affect market pessimistically hence must be avoided. A review of previous development in the same sector is ideal and worth looking at to learn about successful track record.


Access to one’s own capital

In almost any commercial real estate investment, there has to be a flexible exit strategy being a critical element. While sustained attractiveness remains a primary investment factor, the conditions on which agreement is made has a huge influence on overall procedure.

Long term income periods characterise affluent conditions, ensuring a flexible and safe exit strategy. It provide investors an opportunity to withdraw at any stage during the investment cycle while offering potential buyers a condition over fully operational and real-time development plan.

A healthy capital growth of more or less 40 percent is highly achievable with preliminary higher returns suggests a market value below the investment level; this is often the case with new projects. Such percentage of flexibility isn’t available with diminutive income periods being less attractive investment conditions presented during resale.


With security come two most significant elements that investors usually ignore;

  1. Does the investment fulfils the objectives
  2. Position within an existing portfolio; a fitting strategy

It’s possible that a greater investment for one may be unsuitable to another which is why diversity must be considered. Commercial properties just give the edge to achieve this without breaking the bank or investing a fortune.


Real estate investment always comes with a few risks but a successful venturesimply mitigates them. In commercial market, this factor can be achieved by accounting all the above steps alongside ensuring robust and asset-supported contracts. This is because developers may establish intermediary shell companies to endorse guarantees which are highly insecure due to zero assets.

Only search real estate portals and Internet search engines

Although technology helps us, we must broaden the search using real estate agents and established property brokers, who have a more up-to-date portfolio, with argued prices, in addition to having key knowledge to discard and choose what is most convenient. There are many properties with signs, which you will not find on real estate portals

Go for properties that you cannot afford, even altering family financial reality

Do not indulge in any home without first knowing how much money you can spend! For this, we recommend that, if you need financing, go to a bank before, where they will help you decide the price range of houses that you can access.

Think that there is only a perfect home

Buying a house is a discard process, not selection and every day new properties appear in the market, so we advise you not to be infatuated with a particular type or of a house, there may be many more that adapt to what you need! Some people have 1 or 2 visits to buy, but why can’t they make 5 visits to the property and 10 visits to the area? at different times, on different days, it is even recommended to find out what happens in winter or summer.


Before investing in commercial real estate, be sure all the above requisites are carefully considered.


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