For professionals and self-employed people, a business card is a fundamental part of their professional career, and their wallet. Regardless of position or the type & size of business, a business card gives people an indication of who they are and what they do for business.

In fact, it is an important marketing tool in the business world.

The card’s design and the content present on it communicate quickly what a person’s designation or business is about. In today’s digital world, it helps business owners & professionals alike create a strong & lasting impression, and a potent brand symbol which can be put to use with ease.

A creative, effective & touching business card helps create a long-lasting impression. It presents both an opportunity and a challenge to designers. Today, designers need to create business cards that are innovative & impressive enough to help one stand out from the rest of the crowd.

What to consider when creating a business card?

Experts from a leading agency of brochure design Dubai recommend the following steps when creating a business card:

Add a personalized touch to it

A business card helps businesses give their customers a first impression of their business and the business’s persona. If designed properly, it will communicate the business’s brand image more evocatively and effectively.

Adding a personalized touch to a business card helps generate more business. Standardized formats are no longer the norm as out of the box concepts are today’s norm. For instance, if you own a sports marketing agency with a core focus on football, you can design your card on the pattern of a football.

Similarly, if you own a pizza parlor; you can design your card as a Pizza.

This helps communicate which business you are in.

There is no harm in looking up for ideas and concepts for business cards on the internet, but nothing beats an original design. The more original a design is, the more it will be able to stand out tall in the crowd. It extends the business’s welcoming touch and engages prospective clientele.

There should be quality in the business card itself

Business owners and professionals alike often overlook the impact a business card has on the business world. They often use substandard printing material when designing it which does not create a good impression to clientele and connections alike.

No one wants a bad impression through a business card. Instead of worrying, it would be wise to invest in printing top quality business cards that are no doubt impressive in standards.

A card of wood texture, Ivory look and the like will help it be more appealing, which can thus speak much about the business with ease.

Add a touch of simplicity

Business owners and professionals alike must keep in mind that a business card is simply a business card and not a prospectus. All it needs are essential details that will keep it simple.

Those essential details are:

  • Business (or company) logo.
  • Name.
  • Designation (if applicable).
  • Contact information.
  • Email Address.
  • Website.

Make sure the details are not cluttered on the card. Only vital information needs to be put on the card so it can catch the clientele’s attention. The simpler the card is, the more readable it becomes.

Selecting the correct color scheme and design pattern

The design & color incorporated in a business card creates a unique identity. It eventually casts a good impression on the target clientele with relative ease.

Without any doubt, colors can have a real-time impact on how people can view the card. It would be wise for business owners to incorporate the color scheme of their logos in their respective business cards.

They must also ensure that the forefront and background color of the card are matching. Also, such colors must be reconcilable with the general colors used in brand catalogs or other materials. If there is no text to incorporate in the card, then images can be used.

The card should be created from something ingenious

Business cards should be a by product of a quick-witted concept. A 3D shaped card or one with a quirky circular design, folding cards or something creative will surely be able to impress clientele.

The card’s reverse side can have illustrations, patterns or quotes as part of fancy work on the card itself. However, keep in mind the target clientele should be kept in focus when going for something fancy.

If you are a dentist, you definitely cannot create a pizza shaped card and vice versa.

Avoiding transitory things

Impactful business cards do not create temporary statements as they are made to create permanent statements. Associating campaign taglines, slogans or coupons is unnecessary.

Using evergreen content (including logo and information) helps it become more purposeful and lends credibility to both businesses and professionals.



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