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If you want to step intoto create your own blog but you don’t know anything at all … Don’t worry! In this post we will show you everything to create a good blog, and start managing it for yourself.


Creating a web page of this type does not represent great difficulty, but there are certain technical details that you should take into account. It is not enough to follow advice when starting projects like this, and for that we are here.


The first thing we could tell you that you need motivation. You have it? If so, let’s start this journey of learning, first steps and great attempts towards success. What are you waiting for?


Basically, what it takes to create a blog is …


A good idea

Before creating your blog, the first thing you should consider what it will be about. Is it perhaps a blog about fashion, sports, cinema, technology or religion …? It is important well defined before to start, as it is the concept that your website will have.


There are several topics, subject; so it will not difficult to find interested one, but require to decide on one. The choice will depend on the message you want to convey to your reader, but whatever it may be, it should be a topic of interest.


The audience you want to reach is very important. There may be a tech blog for techsavy and another for young guys, for example. It is advisable to always have a potential community that may be interested in your content.


A good concept is the main thing that is needed to create a successful blog. Without a doubt, it is the basis of everything!


Blog Name

To attract more visitor, your blog must have a good name. This should simply and clearly reflect the concept of your page. Think about it, because your web positioning will depend greatly on it.


To create the name, keep in mind the following suggestions:


It must be attractive. If the topic is about gadget, an attractive name could be: or about technology that will change the future, name could be

Use words that convey emotions. A joke blog could be called

The name should be easy to remember. This implies that it is easy to read. The shorter the better. This will be easier to remember and will be more attractive.


What is a CMS and which one do I choose?

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A CMS is nothing more than software to manage content. This software also allows the management of web pages in an easy and simple way.


There are CMS for all types of pages: blogs, online stores, etc. Through a CMS can manage your content without problem, and without having to know how to program.


In case you want to develop a professional blog we can recommend WordPress. It is a CMS that was initially created to be used by bloggers. Although currently, it serves as the basis for business websites, online stores, etc.


By creating your blog in WordPress, you can customize it, not only in terms of design, but also by adding new features. In addition, this CMS allows you to configure certain aspects to be able to have greater positioning in Google.


Domain name

This is the address or URL of your blog, through which users can access it. Through, you can get a totally free domain. This will have the form: <domainname>


But if you don’t want to have the wordpress in your domain, you can opt for some of the paid options. Among them: <domainname> .com, <domainname> .org, etc. Also, you could buy a domain on your own, which is set to direct your blog on


In the case of, you must buy your own domain to create your blog.



Hosting is the space in which all the information& data related to your website is stored. While the domain is the address of your blog, hosting is the place where it is located. You need to create a blog, otherwise your domain will not lead anywhere.


If you create a blog on, it will be hosted on the servers of that platform. In this case you will not be able to store your blog in a particular hosting.


On the other hand, with you need to hire a hosting service. You must download (free) the latest version of wordpress, which is the CMS software, and then upload it to your hosting.


Create a blog on or on

This decision will depend on what you need. You already know some of the differences between and, but you may want to dig deeper. You need to keep them in mind to be successful in creating your blog.


First, and perhaps the fundamental difference is that offers you much more freedom. Not only you can hire the domain and hosting you want, also offer more than 1500 free themes. Unlike the offers limited theme both free and paid.


In addition, you can use more than 15,000 free plugins with While with you will only have 30 features available, and all need to pay.


If you want to get revenue, it is more feasible to do through From the first day you can make a profit. You can freely add Google ads, affiliate links, etc.


But with the free version of, you can only make a profit if you have 25 thousand page views per month. Even if your blog has advertisements you will not make a profit if you do not have such a number of visits.


Depending on your needs and the scope you want to have with your blog, you must choose between these two platforms.


Lastly, and perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that you must be patient. Publishing constantly is vital to success as a blogger, do not be discouraged if you do not see results at first.


With great effort always be the first step, and you also have nothing to lose. Especially as we already explore you everything to create a blog.





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