Technolog has more than 30 years’ involvement with giving answers for water and gas utilities to encourage the effective activity of water and gas conveyance systems and meter perusing. As the worldwide pioneer in water misfortune control through cutting edge pressure the executives, Technolog works intimately with utilities to bring down water misfortune, lessen primary breaks, and lower siphoning and synthetic expenses.

Technolog has put intensely in its scope of inventive battery fueled information lumberjacks and electronic weight controllers. Technolog work two server farms answerable for gathering information from a huge number of destinations consistently. The information is quality checked, written to utilities’ corporate frameworks and can be seen by signing into an application explicit site. Technolog likewise give direct help and preparing to clients on establishment, dispatching and support to guarantee the items accomplish ideal execution.

The Cello4S Wireless Data Loggers

The Cello 4S is a completely coordinated battery controlled cell information lumberjack. A huge number of Cellos have been introduced all through the world and Cello has become an industry standard for remote observing. The Cello 4S can be requested with 2 to 8 sources of info – two vital or outer weight transducers, heartbeat or 4-20mA. Recording interims are completely programmable from 1 second to 60 minutes, high and low cautions can be arranged on each info channel to quickly flag unusual conditions and upon an alert occasion can be customized to send information all the more as often as possible. Information from the Cello is gathered on Technolog’s WaterCore cloud-based programming where the information is approved and sent to the utility’s corporate framework. The Cello 6S conveys Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) usefulness. Completely good with business and modern meters that give a heartbeat yield. Meter readings and profile information can be recorded at client programmable interims from 1 moment to 60 minutes. Meter perusing, client profile information and client utilization alerts are transmitted at standard interims. Alerts are accessible as client programmable high and low stream rate and every day utilization cautions, alert on alter discovery and low battery caution. The Cello 6S highlights a client programmable file read time to enable all business and mechanical meters to be perused simultaneously.

The Regulo Remote Pressure Controllers

The Regulo decreases “genuine misfortunes” in the water conveyance organize by controlling the outlet weight of a weight lessening valve (PRV) to a preset level at off pinnacle times. This demonstrated approach decreases “genuine misfortunes”, drives down the recurrence of central pipe breaks and brings down vitality and concoction costs. The Regulo can be retrofitted to any produce of PRV whether introduced in the field as of now or for another establishment. The Regulo regulates the outlet weight of the PRV in one of four techniques: time, stream, shut circle or self-learning. The Regulo fuses Technolog’s demonstrated Cello cell information lumberjack innovation to give remote correspondences and over-the-air programming. Limit and profile cautions are accessible for pressure, stream, and so forth alongside self-indicative alerts should any of the Regulo segments leave typical working reach. The Regulo gives safeguard activity wherein if a disappointment ought to happen the PRV returns to its mechanical preset outlet pressure.

Terrorism and Technology

The PS4 turning into a psychological militant correspondences framework (fervently prevented by Sony from claiming course).

.Flight sims preparing the scoundrels who brought the Twin Towers down.

.Unmanned automatons bombarding medical clinics.

.PC games defiling our childhood.

.A great many people realize that Alfred Nobel – who gave his name to our most well known prize for harmony – developed explosive, which has been answerable for endless passings.

.Many can cite Oppenheimer (“I am become passing, the destroyer of universes.”) when he viewed the primary nuclear bomb and reviewed the words from the Bhagavad Gita.

A Life without technology

Envision yourself awakening to the hints of summer flying creatures trilling outside your window and the smell of breakfast preparing over a wood fire. You get dressed and travel to perceive what your family has prepared for breakfast. Everybody accumulates at the table to appreciate a home prepared supper and talks about the designs for the afternoon. Will you play in the yard with your more youthful sibling or help your dad in the nursery that will nourish your family during the cool brutal winter. Regardless of what you pick you will be outside while your mom is inside tidying up the morning meal dishes and canning natively constructed jams. While you are outside during the day you will see all the brilliant things nature brings to the table.

At the point when noon moves around you will be allowed to come inside for a glass of sweet tea and a homegrown tomato sandwich, and afterward it’s back outside until supper time; in the nation work is constantly should have been finished. As the sun begins to set, you and your more youthful sibling will go through the yard getting fireflies while your folks seat on the front pocket with the recliners confronting west so they can appreciate the grand dusks of the open country. At the point when sunsets you would make a beeline for your room and have the warm summer wind blow through the open window and nod off to the crickets twittering. This is a common day of a youngster back in past times worth remembering when innovation didn’t devour our lives. In the event that you could come back to the period where society was not attached to innovation would be a liberating experience. Innovation has had many negative consequences for our general public, for example, loss of relational abilities, loss of composing aptitudes, undesirable addictions, wellbeing dangers, and a reliance.

Because of innovation, society has lost numerous indispensable relational abilities that past…


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