What is art? Why do we use it? Art is something that we use to trigger emotions and get emotional responses from the audience that it is targeted by it. You can say that we, human beings, use art to understand ourselves. Art is more of a language and a way to express ourselves in my opinion. But this language is not based on words rather it is based on different sounds, when talking about music. Other forms of art such as visual arts use colors, lines and different shapes that capture people’s feelings and appeal to other people’s emotions in the most creative ways.

Now, art is a very vast term. It incorporates in itself many fields. If you talk about doing anything very skillfully, even that can be incorporated in art. They say cooking is also an art. The way different tasting dishes trigger different emotions is nothing short of art. In simple words art is everything that uses your senses to trigger any kind of emotional response.

If you go back fifty years in the past you’ll see a very distinguishable differences in the art of that time from the art in our times. Previously art wasn’t much used to teach and learn, but that’s just my perception. I can give an example for this claim too. See how illustrations are nowadays a major way of learning. Especially for children. If you’re writing a book for children than you can literally get hundreds of children’s books illustrators for hire very easily. That’s because it is one of the main ways of making children learn nowadays. It has been observed that children learn better when things are more colorful and playful.

Influence of AI

You know how the world is going through a technological revolution these days. Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are one of the most amazing inventions of our time. And artificial intelligence (AI), like in all other fields and industries, is making its mark in art as well.

In the beginning the use of AI to create art was only kept till the level of making it learn by duplicating what we humans do. So, basically AI, in the beginning, was only recreating what was already created by humans first. This particular style is known as style transfer. It’s not simply duplicating by the way. In this style it is recreating art by combining different elements from different art styles by using complex algorithms. And the results are amazing. So now, even this technique has come a long way from where it started.

Other than this, we are using AI powered apps in our daily lives to capture and edit pictures we take in our daily lives. Since photography is also a type of art so editing it using AI would technically be also a part of art being influenced by AI. Theses artificial intelligence (AI) powered camera apps have changed the photography industry as a whole. Using these apps anyone can take amazing pictures.

Below mentioned are some AI powered apps that have proved to be a real asset for photographers.

Camera51: Camera51 is probably one of the best artificial intelligence (AI) powered apps for androids in the year 2019. This app has one of the best features available and this feature in discussion helps detect and analyze the face automatically. Another feature that this app has provides help in detecting scenes, lines and objects that will help you in taking a perfect picture every time you click. This app uses photography principles which are used by professional photographers and artists and applies it your photography to make it look more professional. This app also provides the feature of auto framing and helps in identifying the main object while taking the snap.

Picai: This is probably the first app in the world that provided an artificial intelligence (AI) filter that provides different filter recommendations to take perfect snaps and selfies. All a user needs to do, while using this app, is to pick out and choose one filter recommendation from many and using that filter you can take flawless snaps and selfies easily and quickly.


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