I think everyone wants to reside in Canada and work there. But there is an important question that is there any visa program which can provide the facility of relocation in Canada with family members?

Canada has introduced several traveling permits according to purposes. There is no visa program like this. But it doesn’t mean you can’t live with your family. There is a way to relocate in Canada. The candidate must go to Canada first then apply for visa permit to bring your family in Canada.

For this purpose, you should apply for a permanent residence permit. It is the best way to relocate and work in Canada permanently. The skilled federal workers have the authority to bring their families in Canada. The government has introduced a specific entry visa permit program, which is specially designed for top skilled workers and federal workers. It is an electronic process of the central government, the government of provinces, and several employers of Canada.

The express entry system is based on selection. The candidate must check out that he is qualified for this visa permit or not. There are some requirements to get a license for your family.


If you want to move Canada as a skilled federal worker, the terms & conditions are as follows.

  • The candidate must have a one-year job experience.
  • It must be full time or part-time paid job.
  • The job must be included in Canada most demanded job list.
  • The candidate must have 60% points in the CRS system.
  • You must get a good score in the English proficiency test.
  • Your academic certificates and degrees with all essential information
  • National identity card provided by your country
  • A copy of legal passport
  • Bank statement for at least six months
  • Income tax number
  • Prove that you are healthy and have good morals

Once you met all the demands and approved your application, you will be able to obtain a specific entry visa permit. Moreover, there is several family entrance and sponsorship program because of which you will be able to bring your family to Canada.


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