Wikipedia is a platform that possibly does not needs any introduction, and in this time we all would have the idea about what it is. Being the biggest online encyclopedia it is visited by almost 50 million people regularly. Getting to the platform is as easy as you like. Just going to might make you access around a billion topics and subjects but when it comes to creation of a Wikipedia page it requires a few specific steps to be followed. Here is a guide of how to create a Wikipedia page for a book.

  1. Assess Your Topic and Theme

One of the things that Wikipedia has posted with strict guidelines. Wikipedia only wants content that is legit and non-controversial as well as is based on the facts and information.Thus, before even getting to a Wikipedia page you must first asses what your book is all about and should compare it with the guidelines that are made by Wikipedia. If it fits with all the guidelines that Wikipedia has posted, then you can proceed to making a page for it, or else your entire effort might go into vain.

  1. Create a Wikipedia Account

The next step in creating a page is to get a Wikipedia account. A Wikipedia account is the authorisation to get you the access for creating a Wikipedia page or article. Creating a Wikipedia account is not hard at all, and it does not involve anything complex, but it requires a few small details about yourself. An advice for all the page creators here is that you should always go for the original details of yourself and you should not make any assumptions in these details, or you should not go for things that are not accurate as it might cause trouble in future for you.

  1. Wikipedia Writing

Since Wikipedia is a written content platform, thus one important thing to care about in creating Wikipedia pages is about writing. Wikipedia writing is a bit different than other platforms. It requires you to write the content in non-promotional and formal tone. Your writing must not like you are marketing the book through the Wikipedia page. You can get professional Wikipedia writers on board to get this done. They are professionals at this and have the exact idea of how to make content to fit against the Wikipedia guidelines and requirements.Writing can impact your overall approval, and thus you should care about it.

  1. Referencing the Content

References are an important requirement and part of Wikipedia page creation. Wikipedia has stated that all the content you are posting on the platform must be endorsed by some authentic and reliable sources, and this is where references come in.You need to mention the source of every fact you are stating as it will make your content to become acceptable for the platform.This is an important step in the page creation, and it requires some good research skills to get this done.

  1. Send the Content For Approval

Till this step, it is everything in your hand, but now the matter of your page creation and content is handed over to the Wikipedia platform. After doing everything right according to the guidelines and requirements that Wikipedia has posted, you need to send the content to Wikipedia for approval, and then they will assess it thoroughly. However, you don’t need to worry about it if you have followed every guideline and requirement in the content and page creation it will get approved without any troubles.

  1. Managing the Page

The process of page creation requires a touch of assistance even after you have created the page. Since this platform is open for contribution thus, anyone can edit your content, and this is why you need to keep a close eye on your Wikipedia page.You need to see the information edits that are being made on your page to make sure that everything there is according to what you want is right.

These are the six simple steps of how you can create a Wikipedia page for a book and with context to anything else in terms of subject you can follow these steps as well. However, a bit of thing might change according to the subject or theme you have chosen. The Wikipedia requirements and guidelines will stay the same and thus not much of the changes will be found in creating page.



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