India is the digital country now and every one want to get digital in today life, because you can catch people on social sites only. If you want to divert the social media traffic to your website than you need to follow some of the basic terms then only you can do the needful as per your requirement. ETC is the best service provider in these kinds of cases:

First you need to prepare your media pages

The first step which you need to do is you need to create your website pages it should not too lengthy. It will take max 5 sec to open the site you need to keep in mind all these things. Your website pages should be attractive also search bar should be at the top of the front page.

Prepare your site and content

Second but the important topic is to you need to prepare the site and according to the site you need to publish the content. Your content should be fresh and unique then only reader will visit to your sites. You need to prepare the innovative content for your website by which customer can visit to your site.

Divert user from social sites for your sites

3 steps are to divert the user from the social sites for your site by posting the fresh content and the information which will surely work for the user. There are so many social sites like the facebook, linkedin, twitter. You just need to post you content on these sites and the traffic will divert to your website. You need to post on daily basis to get them the maximum result.

Create attractive post

Always try to post an attractive post to attract your customer because if your post is not attractive then there is no use of the complete work which you had done. All the entire work is done for the customer only.

Your content should be easily shareable

One more thing which I want to inform you is that your post should be easily shareable. If you are sharing any post than it should be attractive and you need to share it in group only, once you share this in a group than it will be easy to create a chain.

Get proper SEO to be done for your site:

If you want to get the maximum traffic for your website then you must need to get done the proper SEO for the website. The keyword ranking needs to be done on the right place. If customer searches for your website and he/she can get the proper information than for sure they will reach you for the next time.



Always share your post only then when everyone can see it.

If you don’t know about the perfect time to post any content so must know then only post the content accordingly because when customer want something and then at the same time you serve them with the best then there will be 70% of chances for the revenue.  Some of the basic timing is like if you want to post for the food website then the perfect timing is from the Friday afternoon to Sunday night, second if you want to post for any business information then it need to post on Monday 12 pm to wed 12pm.

Keep your eye on your competitor

You always keep your eye on the niche and the competitor, because if you know about the market and the trend then only things can be delivering to the customer. you always lesson about this lines that always keeps eye on your competitor that what he/she is serving to their customer than accordingly you can serve your customer with the best.

Always try to engage your audience

You always try to keep your audience engage by providing them the other options like if one customer is looking for the kurti and you are also serving her with the legging or scarf so it might be possible that she will purchase the all. If your customer is engage with you only then he/she will not go anywhere. You just need to serve them the product as per their choice. To know about the interest and the need of the customer then only you can serve them

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Author by: Chetna Sharma is writing this blog for you it’s an informative blog which I had collect for you to serve you the best information to drive the traffic from the social sites. I love to do blogging for my follower.


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