Pregnancy experienced by women is influenced by many things. Pregnancy will not occur if both parties experience problems with reproductive health. In addition, if one of the couples has a problem, pregnancy remains difficult. Well, one problem that is often experienced by couples, especially women is PCOS.

Get to know PCOS and its symptoms

Polycystic ovary syndrome or often called PCOS is a hormone disorder in women. This disorder causes women to have male hormones above normal. The high androgen hormone causes the function of estrogen and progesterone to be disrupted and the function of the female reproductive organs will be disrupted.

Women who experience PCOS will usually have the following signs.

  • Menstruation is often late or irregular. Some women with PCOS experience menstruation less than 8 times per year. If these symptoms have appeared easily, women are advised to consult a doctor immediately after marriage.
  • Because menstruation rarely occurs, the lining of the uterus will continue to experience thickening. The impact, this thickening will continue and when menstruation occurs, the blood that comes out will be very much. Women will weak and lack a lot of blood.
  • Many hairs grow on his body. About 70 percent of women who experience PCOS will experience hair growth on their face and body. What happens this is the effect of high androgens on a woman’s body so the signs are similar to those of men.
  • Lots of pimples appear on the face and some parts of the body. Acne is difficult to overcome because it is associated with hormones that are not balanced.
  • Appears bald on the head and the pattern is the same as bald experienced by men.
  • Often experience quite intense dizziness.

Can you get pregnant with PCOS?

There are millions of women around the world who experience PCOS. Of that number, there are quite a lot who can get pregnant. Although it is very rare to get pregnant naturally, there are many ways you can do to get the pregnancy to run smoothly and finally, women can give birth perfectly.

Ways that can be done to seek pregnancy is to do several methods such as with Clomid, gonadotropins, to IVF. In addition to changing lifestyles from eating patterns to exercise will also make women have a great opportunity to get pregnant.

How to get pregnant with PCOS

In full we will discuss several methods that can be done to seek pregnancy in women with PCOS. The method below will vary in response to each person. So, do it from the easiest to the highest technology.

  1. Lose weight to improve ovulation

Although not all of them, most women who experience PCOS are obese. Obesity condition experienced by someone will complicate the occurrence of pregnancy. Therefore, many women are advised to have the ideal body weight before the pregnancy program.

The big problem that occurs in women who experience PCOS is that they do not release eggs routinely. Ovulation does not occur often so fertilization will be difficult. By losing weight the ovulation cycle will be restarted from the start so that the possibility of fertilization will be large.

  1. Go on a diet and exercise

Some ways that can be done by women to lose weight is to adjust their diet every day. What is consumed must be healthy and if possible does not cause hormonal disorders in the body. Avoid foods that have too much sugar and fat and multiply fruits and vegetables.

Exercise can also be done also to reduce levels of fat in the body and become more ideal. You can do various sports according to your needs and abilities. The most important thing is that you can do it regularly and consistently.

  1. Handling with Metformin

Take metformin which is usually used to treat insulin problems. Although a woman does not have diabetes, this drug also has benefits to help you lose weight, restore the menstrual cycle from the beginning again so that women can produce eggs, improve egg quality, reduce the risk of miscarriage.

  1. Handling with Clomid

Clomid is also used to overcome pregnancy problems, especially in women who have PCOS. By using Clomid, a woman can easily experience pregnancy. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of Clomid is different for each person. Some are effective and some are invulnerable. So, if you don’t experience changes after using this medicine, it means you need another type.

  1. Handling with Letrozole

Letrozole is actually not a drug used to treat infertility problems. This drug is more widely used to treat cancer. Even though it’s used a lot to deal with cancer, you don’t need to be afraid. Medication can still help someone who wants to get pregnant with PCOS.

  1. Using gonadotropins

If Clomid and Letrozole are not effective in overcoming PCOS problems, the next step is to inject drugs for fertility or gonadotropic. This drug usually contains FSH, LH, or a combination of both.

  1. Using the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization ) method

This method is done by giving medicine to women than taking eggs. The egg will be mixed with sperm from the couple to fertilize inside the instrument. If fertilization goes well, the next step is to implant the fetus into the uterus.

Despite having PCOS, it does not mean that women cannot get pregnant and eventually give birth to their offspring. So, if you have PCOS, don’t be discouraged right away. Perform a number of ways above starting from the usual to using technology. Hopefully, the above review can help you who have problems with pregnancy.


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