The effect of technology on our physical, emotional, social and environmental wellbeing could be overwhelming if we don’t keep checking ourselves constantly. It is impossible to deny all of the technological advantages we have got, but caution is key to our lives with all these advanced technological improvements. Knowledge of the detrimental aspects of electronic products helps you avoid unwanted hazards. Here is a comprehensive list of the negative effects of technology you may have.

Lack of Empathy

Technology, in particular, has changed our lives to tolerating heavy scenes of sports, movies, television and YouTube, causing us to become sedated in all sorts of devastation. The culture of self-love and the standardization of wrong things that social media produces gives birth to those people who have no empathy. And if nobody listens or cares, the world goes to the hell in a hand-basket, to be honest.


Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter have unquestionably put together people on a single platform, but it is also an ideal formula for depression – not depression only but a lack of exercise as well. There is justification to use antidepressants, but not only medical/pharmaceutical companies can be held responsible. Such companies do not carry people to a hospital, requiring them to have the pills. Depression is not a big problem, however, and many people can overcome it by just living a healthy lifestyle.

Absence of Privacy

Technology has drastically changed our lives and the internet, on the other hand, has eliminated a world of privacy. Gone are the days when we weren’t aware of Smartphones Tech and stayed offline to protect our all kind of information from others. After you have tapped some buttons on the keyboard, everyone can find the address of anybody and contact information too. It’s too easy now for anyone to threat people, use phishing viruses to steal information without any hassle. Users do not have a sense of privacy online, on the other hand. They don’t think about their implications twice before making every move. They don’t think before sharing their short stories on Facebook and posting their home location on Google Maps.

Bad Sleeping Habits

A couple of bad or negative technology effects can be correlated with sleeping habits. Today, people are being drawn into online activities that keep them busy late in the night and therefore, the constant stream of information stops their minds working efficiently. In addition, the ambient light from the screens of the gadgets has an effect on melatonin release (a form of sleep chemicals). Tech is better to keep out of your room so you can better sleep and live better.

Addictive Behaviour

Taking on the latest technology is almost perfect, but people are addicted to it. This leaves a bad impact on society, whether you accept or deny. Most studies show that checking phones over and over again makes you twitchy and anxious when your smartphones are felt fathom vibration. For example, anyone who uses WhatsApp more than 5 hours a day will check his/her smartphone every minute to see the latest notifications, videos or messages even though nothing is there.

Less Social Bonds

A lack of social bonds is another adverse effect of technology we have today. To build a bond for long, people need to conversate face-to-face. It’s safe to say the fewer connections we create, the greater the separation we get with the latest technology. Many people like to work from their homes and finally don’t spend their precious time with their friends and loved one. In addition, young people often choose to communicate digitally rather than face-to-face with people. There is indeed a problem when more than one person is in a room and communicates with each other via instant messages rather than speaking.

The Last Word

There are several other consequences of technology, but let us finish this off by simply saying, when you talk to Siri in your routine life more than talking to real people around, it’s now the time to drop your smartphone automatically. You must be able to have a weekend that is free of gadgets and other kinds of technology. Leave your phone or laptop at your home and go on vacations. You should create a significant or at least a little balance between electronic products. Real people certainly would allow you to benefit from the real benefits of technology.


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