Pray is a great process to communicate directly with God, just like a person-to-person Phone Call. Pray is a way through which you ask Him for help and say thanks when He bestow you. There are lot of ways to call God – some people pray to God silently when they feel fear or hopelessness. But, they are blessed with all that they asked then they pray loudly. There are countless ways to be connected with God through Pray. including:

1 Pray is the name of paying attention to God.

2 Pray is a secret way of receiving help and say thanks to God for fulfillment of your needs.

3 Pray is a beautiful but forever link between God and humans.

4 When people raise their hands for pray, they simply put their desires in front of God and say thanks which they already have.

Pray for Others

Pray is a most precious gift we give to others. whenever, you see any human being in trouble. Just raise your hands and pray for him/her humbly. By doing this, you will feel wonderful inner satisfaction because praying for others is indeed a great goodness. You can also do it forever by joining our Pray Program.

Pray Program

There are millions of People who are the member of Pray Program. It has been introduced by our Spiritual Centre Pray for all. Hurry up! post your 1st pray request to our pray program team and be a member. Believe it, all the members of pray program are those who feel the grief of others as that is their own grief.

Blessings Of Pray Program

There are lot of blessings to join pray program because million of people pray for each others in specific time. That is the reason everyone receives the equal spiritual blessings at all.


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