Renting a car for a trip seems a very simple thing, but often you tend to underestimate aspects that are actually fundamental, which can hold negative and unexpected surprises.

To understand how much it costs to rent a car and to find an economy car rentalservice, it must be taken into account that there are several variables that affect the final price, I try to summarize the main ones:

Age of the driver: the minimum age to rent a car is 21 years. Drivers under 25 years of age pay an additional fee. This is linked to the concept of “less experience behind the wheel”.

Presence or absence of additional drivers:  in case of long rentals and other mileage it is advisable to insert an additional driver.

Unlimited kilometers:  Check if your rental includes unlimited kilometers to avoid raising the sum due at the end of the rental. Especially if you book online the mileage should always be unlimited but check it.

Fuel:  Car rental agencies mainly use two methods:

  • Full to fullwhere the machine is delivered to you with the full and you have to return it with the full.
  • Full for Emptywhere it is delivered to you with the full and you will return it as it is, but obviously they charge you extra.

I advise you to always fill up full, pay only for the fuel you consume and do not risk losing money on unused petrol.
Also to save a few euros try to avoid the last distributor available in the airport area on your return, it is usually always the most expensive and in many cases it is automatic so do not give the rest!

Drop-off:  That is, if you rent the car in location A and return it to location B you will have a (high) cost in addition, which you would not have if the itinerary were from location A to location A.
This is very important in the planning phase of the budget. On the road it has a lot to do with defining the itinerary, be careful.

Rent low cost cars

To rent low cost cars I suggest going to the car rental comparators sites. I usually use, after having taken a look at any offers on the websites of the car rental companies.
As an alternative for a low cost car rental you can take advantage of the offers of the airlines when we book online. I usually book my flights on Ryanair and the flight booking form automatically asks if you want to book a car for the chosen destination.

The car choice best suited to you

Auto segment:  trivial but specific however. A Smart will certainly not have the same daily cost as a Jeep. But above all, in the case of right-hand drive, a smaller car will avoid another “matter”, so commensurate with your car not only to the number of passengers and their comfort, but also to the capacity of the trunk to be able to insert all the suitcases.

Request or not some accessories:  A navigator? snow chains? the child seat? All optional with a daily fee. Even snow chains are considered an optional, although in Italy in the winter months they are mandatory on board and without them cars cannot circulate.


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